4 thoughts on “Assignment One: Square Mile”

  1. A big post Claire. I very much liked your photographs particularly numbers 1 and 4, I thought your comments relating to each picture very good and really personalised each image for me. My only slightly negative comment is that I found the font very small and hence a little difficult to read, (it’s probably my age!).

  2. I’m really glad you like those photos… just captures a moment in time! And regarding the font size. I could have increased to perhaps 12, but I stuck to 11 because the text could have overwhelmed the photos and the pictures needed to remain the centrepiece.

  3. I’m so glad that I got the time to view your assignment Claire. Photo 10 is so powerful. Your text is such a strong anchor. A wonderful use of language which enhances your photography. It’s been lovely to learn more of you, your experiences and values.

  4. Yes, it is relatively relatable (image 10) Unfortunately in today’s society we are all so wrapped up in our own personal experiences that we either haven’t the time to care or even think about such matters. I would even go so far as some feel it may be the fault of the rough sleeper which may or may not be true depending on their own story. But the majority have had such heartbreaking stories.

    We do live in a tough world and therefore taking photos can be such a powerful tool to help people become aware of the facts and circumstances of some of the most vulnerable.

    Thank you. I look forward to seeing more of your own work.

    Best wishes.

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